Axian, Inc.


Previous Projects by Staff Members

  • Developed UNIX build tools and diagnostic software
  • Ported UNIX utilities between POSIX and BSD platforms
  • Developed database systems with proprietary rdbms
  • Low-level embedded C and assy for portable instruments
  • Design/Develop real-time embedded microcontroller systems
  • Low-power battery operated systems
  • Software/hardware for non-invasive blood pressure monitors
  • Visual Basic front end for banking software package
  • Microcoded math subroutine library development
  • Seismic data processing, migration routines, tuning
  • Porting / optimizing seismic codes for Cray T3D system
  • Complex hydrodynamical simulations used in astrophysics and nuclear physics.
  • Problems of diffusion, shock waves, equations of state
  • Developed s/w for flight test airborne data monitoring system
  • Developed scripts to automate the building of parametric models
  • Ported applications & libraries between HPUX, Linux, VxWorks
  • Parallel Systems Engineer (field support) for Intel Paragon systems
  • Test engineering for Intel P6 performance simulations
  • Ported Linpack benchmark for 20 processor Sun Ultrasparc
  • Systems administration for Sun / SGI network
  • 3-D graphical objects for human perceptual research
  • Product conversion - DOS to Windows
  • Visual Basic; OS/2 transition project; C/C++ development
  • I/O drivers and applications in Turbo Pascal for wafer-prober
  • Embedded software for ultrasound breast scanning machines
  • Software for multi-processor data acquisition and monitor system
  • High performance parallel FFT libraries
  • Develop NT - based network for multi-office financial institution
  • Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Windows NT systems management
  • Simulated design elements of a VLSI design library package
  • SGI Power Challenge system benchmark optimization
  • Out-of-core system solver for Intel Paragon
  • Extremely fast FFTs; medical imaging and signal processing
  • Instruction-level simulator; microcoded libraries
  • On-site engineering support for Intel Paragon system in Korea
  • On-site engineering support for IBM SP2 at NASA Ames
  • Design/test of satellite control S/W
  • UNIX expertise: X-Windows, internals, drivers, I/O, lex and yacc
  • Pre and post-sales support, benchmarking; s/w support for Exxon
  • Developed a blackboard expert system using artifical intelligence
  • Scheduling non-uniform parallel loops on MIMD computers
  • Hot line technical support for Paragon system users
  • Principal Chemist developing classical mechanics apps. (C code)
  • Computational Chemist developing molecular modeling codes
  • System Manager for IBM RS-6000
  • Fortran and C code debugging and optimization
  • Operating system design for MIMD machine vision system
  • Multi-threaded, multi-tasking embedded system software
  • Back-propagation neural network model in C under UNIX
  • Smoothing filters, contrast enhancement, recognition algorithms
  • Diagnostics and sys. mgmt. utilities for OEM SPP machine
  • SCSI and Mesh utilities, ATM diagnostics
  • Developed Windows NT network driver for video on demand
  • Port/enhance multithreaded Kernel and I/O for database engine
  • Medical image reconstruction system
  • Software and algorithms for tomography and imaging
  • Image processing system for Landsat and remote sensing data
  • Design / implementation of machine vision / graphics systems
  • High quality color graphics programming
  • Distributed Novell client/server backup and retrieval product
  • Windows device driver
  • Benchmarking of Fujitsu VPP500
  • Ported meteorological code
  • Ocean-atmospheric global climate model
  • Ported PCGPAK2 to various parallel machines
  • Parallel methods for solving elliptic partial differential equations
  • Interactive graphics under X-Windows for large-scale data base
  • Real-time data acquisition for mesoscale weather forecasting
  • Optimization for financial modeling codes
  • Built GUI using VC++ and MFC for real time face recognition
  • GUI programming environment for Sisal compiler and interpreter for UNIX, Win95, WinNT
  • Developed GUI creation system with error detection & handling
  • Converted Data File Handler from ISAM to Btrieve
  • Development of automated escrow and trust accounting system
  • Banking cash control system with code in C, assembler, Pascal

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