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Windows NT 4.0 - Course 1201

Course Description

This course, Windows NT 4.0 (Axian Course #1201), is designed to give a comprehensive and easy-to-understand introduction to the Windows NT operating system. Through a combination of lectures and labs, students will gain knowledge and conceptual understanding of Windows NT.

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Windows NT
2. Windows NT Overview & Environment
Windows NT Features
Windows NT Workstation & Server
Windows NT System Architecture
3. Installing Windows NT
Installation Preparation
Installing Windows NT
4. Account Administration
User Accounts
Group Accounts
Special Groups
Security Policy Design
Environment Profiles
Logon Scripts
5. Configuring the Windows NT Environment
The Registry
System modification and configuration
Managing System Policy
6. Windows NT File Systems
Supported Windows NT File Systems
Long Filenames
NTFS Issues
Disk Administrator
7. Managing and Protecting Local Resources
Implementing NTFS Security
8. Windows NT Resource Security
Windows NT Resource Security Model
Resource Protection
Securing Access to Resources
9. Auditing with Windows NT
Auditing File Access
Security Log
Archiving the Security Log
10. Booting Windows NT
The Windows NT Boot Process
Controlling the Boot Process
11. The Windows NT Networking Environment
NT Network Architecture and Components
Locating and Using Network Resources
Distributed Processing
Installing and Configuring Network Components
12. Accessing Network Resources
Sharing Network Resources
Windows NT Browser Service
13. Printing from Windows NT
The Windows NT Printing Terms & Process
Using Print Manager
Configuring a Printing Device
14. Interoperating with TCP/IP
Installing and Configuring TCP/IP
Advanced TCP/IP Options
Diagnostic Utilities
Connectivity Utilities
15. Internet Information Server
Installing and Configuring IIS
Using the Internet Service Manager
16. Supporting Applications
Windows NT Subsystem Architecture Overview
Supporting MS-DOS-Based Applications
Supporting Windows 3.x-Based Applications
Managing Applications
17. Moving from a Workgroup to a Domain
Contrasting Windows NT Working Models
Windows NT Domains
18. Windows NT Trust Relationships
Introduction to Trust Relationships
Pass-Through Authentication
Establishing and Managing Trust Relationships
19. Using Server Manager
Creating Computer Accounts
Synchronizing the Domain Database
Managing Shared Directories
Managing Services, Sessions, and Resources Network Messages
20. Directory Replication and File Synchronization
Windows NT Briefcase
Directory Replication Overview
Managing Directory Replication
21. DHCP, WINS, and DNS
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
Windows Internet Name Service
Domain Name System
22. Implementing Network Clients
Windows NT Server Client Access Licenses
Windows NT Server Clients
Network Client Administrator
Services for Macintosh
23. Remote Access Service
RAS Overview
Dial-Up Networking and RAS
Installing RAS Configuring RAS
24. Interoperating with Novell NetWare
Client Services for NetWare (CSNW)
Gateway Services for NetWare (GSNW)
File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW)
Installation and Interoperability
25. Optimizing Performance
Optimizing Windows NT
Monitoring Windows NT Performance
Performance Monitor Charts
Performance Monitor Logs
Performance Monitor Reports
Performance Monitor Alerts
26. Troubleshooting Windows NT
Diagnostic Utilities
Emergency Repair
Creating a Windows NT Boot Disk
Removing Windows NT

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