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Windows Application Programming

Level I is an in-depth introduction to the Windows API, including call-back procedures, message loops and messaging, displaying text, scroll bars, keyboard and mouse input, the timer, child windows, child window controls, memory management, icons, cursors, bitmaps, string resources, menus, keyboard accelerators, modal and modeless dialog boxes, file I/O, the Graphics Device Interface (including device contexts, mapping modes, drawing functions, brushes, colors, metafiles, text and fonts), and dead time call-backs. In addition, resource script files, program definition files, and tools are covered.

Length: 40hrs.

Prerequisites: C language proficiency

Level II continues with bits, blts, and bitmaps, printing, using the clipboard, dynamic data exchange, multi-document interfaces, dynamic link libraries, and Win32 conversion issues.

Length: 40 hrs.

Prerequisites: Windows API Level I.