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The ActiveX Controls class will provide an overview of controls, although ActiveX embodies several technologies for inter-process communication and the Internet.  All aspects of ActiveX controls, including dealing with properties, events, methods, Internet issues, multiple threads, and distribution and licensing issues will be covered.  The primary focus will be developing controls using the MFC class library and Visual C++ tools.  However, the underlying COM abstractions will be described in each chapter.  An introduction to ATL (ActiveX Template Library) will be provided at the end of the class.

Course prerequisites

Basic knowledge of C++, MFC, COM, and the Visual C++ development environment.


Course outline

Overview of ActiveX Controls
Basic definition of an ActiveX control and the evolution of ActiveX controls
Different languages and tools which are available for ActiveX controls will be discussed
ActiveX Control Concepts
Basic concepts specified in the OCX 94 specification
Properties, methods, events, property pages, persistence, registration and status bits
OCX 96 and Internet additions
MFC Support for ActiveX Controls
Support provided by MFC for building ActiveX controls
COleControl, COleControlModule, COlePropertyPage classes
Control Wizard
Test container
Properties and support for properties provided by MFC
Ambient, extended, stock and custom properties
Control persistence
Property exchange functions and COM interfaces for persistence
Property Pages
Property pages
Stock predefined property pages
Custom property pages
COlePropertyPage and data transfer functions
More Properties
Fonts and pictures in ActiveX controls and the COM interfaces
Data binding and the notification process
MFC support for events
Connection point mechanism
Request, before, after, and do event types
Implementing stock events and adding custom events
Handling synchronous and asynchronous errors
Active X Control Container
AppWizard and MFC to build containers
Container and control interaction
Licensing and Distribution Issues
Commercializing an ActiveX control
Licensing, distribution and localization (for international markets)
Threading models (single, apartment, and multiple) supported by ActiveX
ActiveX controls in a multi-threaded environment
Optimizing the performance of ActiveX controls
Windowless controls, delayed activation and drawing optimizations, and MFC support
Subclassing an ActiveX control from a standard windows control, keyboard handling, and more
ActiveX Controls and the Internet
Active X controls in an HTML page
Internet security, scripting languages for manipulating Active controls and layouts
ActiveX control pad
Introduction to ATL
ActiveX Template Library (ATL)
ATL Object Wizard
ATL COM AppWizard
Basic classes in ATL