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Linux Overview: Management Seminar


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This eight hour class will be aimed at managers who are familiar with Microsoft Windows-based systems and want to learn about Linux in order to understand the business and technical implications of moving to the Linux operating system.

Referencing the NT operating system as a baseline, the following topics will be presented:

  • What is generic to Unix; what is unique to Linux?
  • Similarities between Linux and NT (same functions, different terms)
  • Fundamental differences between Linux and NT
  • What makes Linux stand out as a unique and desirable O/S for a PC platform?
  • Licensing issues / open source code / freeware in the Linux world
  • Configuration issues with Linux
  • The file system and its implications
  • Swap space
  • The implication of Interprocess Communications
  • The Linux client-server relationship
  • Installation issues: Platforms, minimum hardware size requirements
  • What is involved in a user logging on to a Linux system? What can go wrong?
  • Troubleshooting issues - how do you approach tech support in a Linux environment?
  • Security issues and Permissions
  • Developing software applications to run under Linux
  • Human Factors: The Desktop Environment and Graphical User Interface