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Axian Consulting

Software Consulting and Contract Engineering Services

Imagine: you're trying to staff a critical project, and you just learned that you have to port your product to an unfamiliar platform. Or maybe you need toBrent build diagnostics and system management utilities for your networked servers, but you lack the resources in-house to get the job done on time. What do you do?

Axian's staff of software developers and engineers is just a phone call away. Axian can provide you the staff to act as a virtual engineering team, or to join your team on a long-term contract basis. Even if you need short-term consulting on an isolated technical issue, Axian can help.

The Axian advantage is that our staff works with a broad range of platforms and operating environments - from Microsoft Windows technologies to Linux and embedded applications.

Sure, we're Sun Certified and Microsoft Certified, but we go for the best solution. No royalties, no loyalties.

The Axian Technical Staff:

  • Software Engineers
  • Computational Scientists
  • System Administrators

Axian Staff Expertise:

  • Software Development for MS Windows, UNIX, embedded
  • Internet, Intranet, and Web Development
  • Windows NT and UNIX Networks
  • High Performance Computing

Project Engineering

  • Software development
  • Systems engineering
  • Project or team management

Code Porting and Optimization

Pre- or Post-sales Support

On-site Engineering

  • System administration
  • Back-up coverage for systems engineers
  • Applications support for end-users

Workstations / Desktop Computers

High Performance Computing

Embedded Applications

Web Development

Programming Language Expertise

Platforms and Architectures

Operating Systems

Object-Oriented Design

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