V.P. of Conspicuous ConsumptionV.P. of 32-bit Lawsuits
V.P. of Cabalistic NumerologyV.P. of CS
V.P. of Gastronomical IndulgencesV.P. of Entomology
V.P. of Chaos SynchronizationV.P. of Corporate Image
V.P. of Sales to Speech Impaired Water FowlV.P. of Pecking
V.P. of Biotechnology Liasons, Western DivisionV.P. of Vaporware
V.P. of Garphic Arts V.P. of Interstellar Affairs
V.P. of Logic V.P. of Cosmic Computer Experiences
V.P. of Linguistic Enlightenment V.P. of International Imbroglio
V.P. of High Intensity Electromagnetic Radiation V.P. of Laughter
V.P. of Neurotic Tendencies V.P. of Irreproducible Results
V.P. of Archaic Musical Notation Honorary V.P. of Tergiversation
  V.P. of Carbonated Cornucopias
V.P. of Planning Obsolescence V.P. of Everything Else