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Engineering teams need advanced courses to bring them up to speed on the latest computing technologies and software trends. Axian software courses are designed to enable software developers and computer users to quickly evaluate and learn programming languages, operating systems, and APIs.

Axian's staff instructors develop courses and consult in their areas of technical expertise - and are Sun, Red Hat Linux, or Microsoft certified. As a result, they can respond to questions by drawing on their insight and knowledge gained from working on real software projects. The instructors are capable of customizing classes for project teams or delivering Axian's standard courses specifically directed to students' needs.

  • C, C++, Java and VB Programming Languages
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API) and tools for Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • Operating Systems and Server Applications, including NT, SQL Server and Linux
  • Microsoft Windows technologies, including MFC, COM, ActiveX
  • Performance Tuning & Optimization
  • Custom Linux Courses
The Axian Training Center can accommodate up to 18 students with individually assigned computers.

Microsoft Certified Solution ProviderMicrosoft Solution Provider

In 1995 Axian was certified as a Microsoft Solution Provider company.  As a Solution Provider, Axian has easy access to up-to-date technical information and on-line support directly from Microsoft.  We are provided with the latest development tools and libraries, along with beta versions of the most recent software, to assure our customers that our methods are current and that our developers are anticipating upcoming releases from Microsoft.

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