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E-Commerce & E-Technology Course length
E-Commerce Technology Primer 2 days
Optimization & Tuning
Intel Architecture Performance Tuning 4.5 days
RH300 - Red Hat Certified Engineer & Exam 5 days
Red Hat Developer Training Courses Each 5 days
Linux Use and Administration 5 days
Custom Linux Courses
C Programming Language 7 days
C++ Programming Language 6 days
Java Programming Language 5 days
Advanced Java Programming 4 days
Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Programming 5 days
Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
Win32 API Programming 8 days
Advanced Win32 API Programming 6 days
Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) Fast Start 5 days
Fundamentals of Component Object Model (COM) using C++ 5 days
Fundamentals of ActiveX using MFC 5 days
Fundamentals of ActiveX using Active Template Library (ATL) 5 days
ActiveX Controls 5 days
Microsoft Certification & Training
Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) Tracks Varies
Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 System Administration 4 days

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