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Java Programming Language

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Java Programming Language


Java Programming is designed to give students the ability to program in a new object-oriented programming language designed for portability and simplicity. Students will be able to construct both stand-alone programs and applets capable of being run inside an HTML browser.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the principles of object-oriented programming and decompose simple real-world situations.
  • Apply basic language fundamentals, including:
    • Declaring Variables
    • References
    • Operators
    • Flow Control
    • Classes
    • Overloading
    • Inheritance
    • Packages
    • Structured Error Handling
  • Be familiar with the core Java libraries that provide the following capabilities:
    • System interaction
    • Fundamental Classes for Inheritance and Primitive Wrapping
    • String Creation and Manipulation
    • Console I/O
    • File I/O
    • Multiple Threaded Execution
    • GUI Interface Message Handling
    • Graphics, including Simple Animation
    • Network Programming
    • Math, Vector, and Date Utilities
  • Write applications that can be downloaded via the World-Wide Web.

Course Prerequisites

Previous programming experience in any language. Knowledge of C++ is helpful, but not required. Knowledge of the Internet is helpful, but not required.


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