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Win32 API Programming

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Win32 API Programming


Win32 Application Programming is designed to give an in-depth, low-level look at developing and debugging applications written for the Win32 programming interface.  The intent is to understand the underlying philosophy and methods of direct API programming so that programmers can not only use system functions, but be more adept at using higher level tools such as a C++ class library or an application generator. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to

  • Develop basic Windows applications from scratch using direct API calls in the C programming language.
  • Register window classes and create windows.
  • Handle Windows messages, both queued and non-queued.
  • Be familiar with a variety of basic API calls to:
    1. Display a broad range of graphics, including drawings, metafiles, and regions.
    2. Manipulate logical mappings of coordinates.
    3. Add and interact with scroll bars.
    4. Create child windows and child window controls.
    5. Implement idle-time processing.
    6. Respond to keyboard and mouse messages.
    7. Create Menu and Dialog resources.
    8. Read and write to files
    9. Create and synchronized multiple-threaded applications
    10. Implement basic Clipboard communication.
    11. Develop dynamically linked libraries.

Course prerequisites

C programming language proficiency.


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