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Axian - Free to do it right

Letter from the CEO

I invite you to join me here on a regular basis to understand how we can help your business. I'll be sharing updates on how we are increasing the value we offer your business as we continually adapt to your ever-changing business requirements.

Why should we do business together? Axian's tagline says it best. "Axian ... free to do it right." The experience and the freedom to do it right for you from your viewpoint.

Axian has that rare blend of essentials you seek: software development expertise, business experience, and training excellence. Customers who know us, value us for helping their success. Software development expertise is our commodity, and your success is our only product.

My commitment as CEO is to continue to provide knowledgeable and experienced developers and trainers who deliver on our promise of consistency and satisfaction so you're always confident to call us again when you need the right resource at the right time.

  • Why is Axian here? To provide software expertise solutions that are right for Enterprise IT and R&D Engineering customers.
  • What is Axian's core belief? We believe we are doing something important for our customers in taking our collective talents as far as they can go. We enjoy working with companies throughout the Northwest who value our services.
  • What are our strategic priorities?
    • Employee awareness and understanding of what makes our customers successful
    • Keeping our skills matched to customer needs
    • Providing the level of experience needed for the customer job
    • Satisfying customers by getting the job done right and avoiding unpleasant surprises

While each Axian individual gives you a single, very-positive brand impression, our team over multiple engagements gives you a repeatable, satisfying, and rewarding brand experience! I want to share with you this experience, and turn that into an ROI that excites you!

By design, Axian has assembled a group of developers and trainers with expertise that covers the broad world of software that exists today. We have breadth and depth of skills and experience so we can come at it from either an Enterprise IT or R&D Engineering perspective. We look for senior developers, who have proven they are adaptable to various cultures, can parachute into any stage of a product development life-cycle, can teach and have the savvy to mentor others after the classroom work is completed.

When you hire an Axian software developer or trainer, you're really hiring the skill and experience of over 30 engineers who help one another to get your job done. No one person can possibly be a complete expert in everything, and with Axian you get the expertise of 30 for the price of one. Internally we work as partners; i.e., fellow Axian engineers voice opinions to one another and build on each others' ideas to find the best solution on a 24x7 basis for any given customer need or situation. Axian is small enough to be responsive and affordable, yet big enough to provide what is needed.

Sometimes we refer to our team as a "brain trust" of software development expertise. You should think of our team as having a "think tank" available to complement your team. Our developers came to Axian after many years as individual "superstars" at major technology companies across the United States. Now they enjoy being a part of your team helping you perform even better in bringing your projects to completion faster and with higher probabilities of success. We offer you independent viewpoints, unencumbered by past decisions or politics ... and we take responsibility for how you receive this. We are platform and operating system "agnostics" ... capable, yet not tied to any one technology. We consider YOUR needs first, not our preferences or our limitations.

That's what we mean when we say "Axian ... free to do it right."

I invite you to browse our website, and let us know what you need. Our administrative team is listed for your convenience. If we can help you, we will. If not, we'll put you in touch with someone who can.

To your success!

Frank Helle
Axian, Inc.
Software Consulting and Training

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Wednesday, February 28 2024 23:00:06 UTC
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