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Linux Kernel 2.6: New Features - I (PDF format, 637 KB)

A PDF of Jerry Cooperstein's seminar held at OGI on October 1, 2002, discussing the new features of the Linux 2.6 Kernel.

Too Early to Mourn the Death of JDBC ?
By Michael S. Kelly

"... The whole thrust of modern business systems development has been for the tools, platforms, APIs, etc. to take care of as much of the plumbing as possible so developers could focus on solving the business problems. The one sticking point, of course, has been that we must still be able to step in and tweak the plumbing when faced with the need for greater performance and/or control. Until recently, my argument was that the performance and control provided by DataBase Connectivity APIs like JDBC was necessary in all but the most trivial data access problems ..."

.NET basics, in terms of the Java platform
By Chris Morley

"... Microsoft's .NET platform infrastructure has many conceptual similarities to the Java/J2EE platforms (which I'm sure is no accident) and so for those Java practitioners interested in .NET, what follows are some key concepts, terms and, where appropriate, how they compare to their analogues in the Java world ..."

Five Steps to Successful Linux Integration

Online Seminars
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