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Steve Bissell Steve Bissell

Hi - I've been fortunate to be part of the computer industry from the days of punch cards and slide rules through supercomputing and on into the age of web services. Now at Axian we've gathered together a great group of people who enjoy helping others work on their projects or learn to work more effectively themselves with the changing technologies. Please call or e-mail and I'll make time to talk with you.

[ If I don't answer right away, I'm probably off teaching guitar lessons or fulfilling my obligations as VP of Gastronomical Indulgences for Blind Chicken Software at a local eatery. ]

Phone: +1-503-644-6106, ext 102
E-mail: steveb@axian.com

Frank Helle Frank Helle

Hi, I'm Frank Helle, Axian's chief strategist, ambassador, inventor, coach, investor, and student. If you'd like to discuss any of these topics (or chat about world travel, food and wine, standard poodles, scuba diving, bird hunting, and fishing), please e-mail or phone me.

Phone: +1-503-644-6106, ext 300
E-mail: frankh@axian.com

Scott Davis Scott Davis
VP Educational Services

Hi! I am Scott, VP of Educational Services. I live and breathe teaching and my training sessions are never dull. Want to learn about Java and Object Oriented programming? Need mentoring? I'll help you. I look forward to seeing you attend one of my classes or one-on-one!

Phone: +1-503-644-6106, ext 103
E-mail: scottd@axian.com

Dave Olson Dave Olson
VP Sales

Hello and welcome. If you or someone in your company has unmet needs for either Software Engineering or Software Consulting, I would like very much to speak with you. Our top-notch engineering team is dedicated to your success, so let's talk soon.

Phone: +1-503-644-6106, ext 219
E-mail: daveo@axian.com

Russell Morley Russell Morley

Hello, my name is Russell, and I'm Axian's CTO. With software technology evolving at a breakneck speed, it's not always certain that software serves our businesses - too often it seems the other way around! I value the opportunity to share perspectives and knowledge on software technologies with others. Feel free to contact me and together we can make sense of this stuff!

Phone: +1-503-644-6106, ext 105
E-mail: russm@axian.com

Kay Norin Kay Norin
Training Manager

Hi - I'm Kay,

Technology demands that we maintain current knowledge and information, that we are flexible, and that we can transition. Developing a professional roadmap helps you stay ahead of the curve. Axian values software development and administrative training as a solution to keep you on track, and a great way to help you smooth-out some of the curves for the times when you can't get ahead of them.

I would be pleased to have you contact me for questions regarding training with Axian. We offer instructor-led open enrollment classes, corporate customized classes, mentoring for a project, and personal tutoring to help you overcome those small conceptional roadblocks that send you home looking for the Excedrin.

We have knowledge and information to share with you and we're flexible to your needs.

Call me!

Phone: +1-503-644-6106, ext 107
E-mail: kayn@axian.com

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