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Staff Bios


Roger has over seventeen years of experienced in software. He has developed his talents specifically for contract projects. His command of English is over 97% jargon-free so Roger can explain solutions in language you will understand. His skill set is broad so he can adapt to changing project requirements. No matter how vague or specific your problem is, he can define the issues and write the code to match. If you need your z-stage controller to interface with your embedded system, he can do it. If your touch-screen system stops working when the hardware is upgraded, he can get them talking again. If your new printer doesn't do the tricks the old one did, talk to him. Roger can give you a software solution for your dilemma. His strength is defining, understanding, and implementing software solutions for anything you need fixed.


Susan has been working with Axian for 5 years and is a freelance accountant with over 25 years accounting experience for corporations doing business in computer software, entertainment, banking, construction, import, manufacturing, health, real estate, publishing, and retail industries. Originally from Washington State, Susan worked in San Francisco, Honolulu, and Los Angeles before returning to the Northwest and Portland, Oregon, in 1991.

Dr. Andersen received her Associates Degree in Accounting in 1981 from Indian Valley Colleges, her Bachelors Degree in Science and Social Science in 1997 from Portland State University, and just completed 5 years of medical school, graduating from National College of Naturopathic Medicine with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2002. She will be continuing in school, expected to complete her acupuncture degree in 2004. She has one son, a recent graduate of University of Oregon with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis on photography.

BIRD, Brian

Brian's expertise is in software development and test engineering. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering and over a decade of experience. He is highly skilled in:

  • C Programming under Unix, DOS, VMS
  • VC++, MFC, Win API; Visual Basic for Windows
  • DLL's and EXE's for COM servers and clients; ATL
  • Test instrument control programming under GPIB control
  • SONET fiber optic protocol
  • Database design using MS Access 2.0 and 95, Crystal Reports, Cornerstone, Excel
  • Was certified as ISO 9001 internal auditor at TriQuint Semiconductor


Steve has an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and has served as President of Axian since 1994. From 1984 to 1994 he was a vice president and business unit manager at two semiconductor capital equipment companies, first ATEQ and then Cascade Microtech. Responsibilities at both companies included managing Engineering groups with electrical, mechanical and software engineers, in addition to product marketing and operations groups. Steve joined ATEQ as a start-up company developing laser-based semiconductor lithography systems, and later joined Cascade Microtech to work with analytical wafer probing systems.

From 1978 to 1984 Steve held a variety of technical management positions at Spectra-Physics' Laser Scanning Division, including Engineering, Production, Manufacturing Engineering, Product Marketing and Human Resources. He managed groups including electronics, software, optical, mechanical and documentation specialists, and the Management Information Systems department.

During the mid-'70s, while completing graduate school at Stanford University, Steve was an R&D Engineer at Hewlett Packard where he developed software for Hewlett-Packard's first microprocessor, and was the Manufacturing Engineer for H-P's first DRAM-based minicomputers.

Steve's hobbies include playing/teaching/collecting guitars, including 100-year-old harp guitars, and traveling to exotic places to eat strange food.


Ron has a MS in Systems Engineering with a background in Electrical Engineering and Operations Research. He has developed GUIS for laser system touch panel PCs; worked on numerically intensive applications for vector, arrays, parallel processors including DSP, seismic, simulation, modeling; Has microcoded math subroutine library development programs and databases for strategic force analysis Seismic data processing, migration routines, tuning Visual Basic front end for a banking software package.


Jerry has a PhD in theoretical nuclear physics and has been developing software on many different platforms since 1979. This includes complex hydrodynamical simulations used in astrophysics and nuclear physics, and modeling and development of large scale data systems with graphics for seismic analysis.

Jerry has experience on many Unix Platforms, concentrating on using and developing for Linux since 1994 at both the application, systems programming and kernel level. He as written a number of different pplications and device drivers for clients.

Jerry is the primary developer of the Red Hat Linux Developer's courses, including Linux Device Drivers; Linux Kernel Internals; Linux Programming Essentials (systems programming). As a senior instructor he has taught these classes many times. In addition he has taught physics and astronomy at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level at major universities, national laboratories and international institutes.

Jerry was the technical reviewer for Rubini and Corbett's, Linux Device Drivers (2nd Edition) , and Bovet and Cesati's, Understanding the Linux Kernel, (2nd Edition), both pubished by O'Reilly Inc.


Ali is a senior software developer for Linux, UNIX, X-Windows, Motif, Win32 and MFC, VxWorks. Her expertise is in:

  • Real-time, embedded operating system development
  • Multi-tasking / multi-threaded issues with inter-processor communication
  • Device drivers for Linux and embedded systems
  • Use of object-oriented methods for over six years
  • Graphical User Interface design and implementation
  • Software development in C and C++ for PC's, workstations and embedded systems
  • Writing portable code for a variety of platforms
  • JAVA development

In her leisure time, she designs complex games such as logig puzzles in JDK1.1, write out latin hymns, memorizes Russian poems and verses of Italian lauda. She also writes a harmony parts to lauda, write english roundeaux and set them into music.

DAVIS, Scott

Scott holds an MBA and a BS in Physics. He is Axian's lead instructor and VP of Educational Services. His expertise in programming languages and Application Programming interfaces has grown during twenty years of developing and teaching courses while consulting with companies on their leading -edge software projects. Scott has developed and teaches the Axian progrmming language courses for use under Linux, including C, C++, Object-Oriented Programming and Java, and is Sun Certified in JAVA. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional and is an expert in Microsoft API technologies: Win32, MFC, COM, OLE, ActiveX, ATL. He is also involved in litigation consulting on cases involving software technology and intellectual property


Terry has been using and devloping with Linux since 1995. He is the Linux columnist for Computer Bits Magazine and has been writhing the monthly "Linux/Etc." column since 1996. His first exposure to Linux was at Boeing Flight Test. Linux was used on a ruggedized PC to build a terminal emulator. Once in place, the new box started taking on additional responsibilities and a large amout of code was ported from HP-UX to Linux in order to implement these new responsibilities. Linux was used as the ini9tial development platform for a porject for Amoco Oil Research: the code was then recompiled and tested on Amoco's many flavors of Unix. He has administered teh primary Linux system at Axian to assure it has all the latest security patches , and has installed and configured distributions from Slackware, RedHat, Debian, Cladera and S.U.S.E. Terry has developed courseware for a number of Axian's Linux Developer courses and tought various topics. He has extensive software development experience in C/C++ for workstations, embedded systems. He has the ability to use and develop for UNIX, Linux, VMS, Microsoft NT, OS/2. He is an expert at multi-tasking/multi-threaded issues with inter-processor communication.

GRIFFIS, William

William has seventeen years experience developing software for diverse environments using ADO, ATL, Visual Basic, Java, MFC, Awk, Pascal, and-primarily-C/C++. He has a diverse operating systems experience emphasized in Windows NT (and Win2K). Legacy OS experience includes Windows 9x, OS/2, Windows 3.1, UNIX, and Apollo's Aegis. Bill is experienced in developing Windows GUI applications using a variety of C and C++ based approaches that include MFC, Win16/Win32 "SDK" level, and Visual Basic. He has accomplished software development tools user with experience using many source code control systems, development environments, and programmer's editors. Bill participated in all phases of product software development including specification, design, development, and testing. He has excellent technical communication skills with experience using Microsoft Office and Visio.

HACKER, George

George has a BS in Computer Science. He is a software engineering as well as a Red Hat Linux Developer instructor. His strengthes are in:

  • Unix/Linux systems programming and device driver development
  • C programming
  • Shell programming
  • Linux / Unix Systems administration
  • Instructor for Red Hat Linux Developer courses

In his leasure time, he likes to make a difference in children's lives: he leads a youth basket ball team as well as a parish.


David Harris, Ph.D., has been developing software for fifteen years for operating systems ranging from QNX and DOS to Linux, IRIX, and NT. As a Red Hat contractor he has helped software companies create distribution CD's for their own Linux-compatible commercial applications, addressing issues including kernel rebuilds and security. David developed labs for the Linux Kernel Internals course and teaches both Kernel Internals and Red Hat Linux Device Drivers. Former member of the Mt. St. Helens volcano monitoring team, 1980.


Stuart has a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics. He has many years experience in developing with Unix systems. He is an expert at optimizing applications from a high-level, functional perspective, and at solving computational problems utilizing new hardware and software technologies. He managed a project to optimize the Linpack benchmark for hte 20 processor Sun Ultraspar system. Extensive parallelization, tuning and performance modeling experience. Stuart has worked on modeling and kernel development for the Intel Teraflops Supercomputer and Intel Pentium Pro optimization. His professional interests are in optimizing applications from a high-level, functional perspective.; solving computational problems utilizing new hardware and software technologies.and modeling computational performance of new architectures and algorithms. In his leisure time, Stuart collects and sales old fountain pains, old coins and books about computers and the history of computing.

HELLE, Frank

Over a career spanning 28 years (10 years in Europe and Asia), Frank's understanding of business principles come from diverse experiences in research, marketing, sales, manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, business management, change management, and employee communications. Skills include:

  • Accessing untapped markets involving new offerings or new market segments, new customers, and creating new value propositions
  • Creating new business models and the strategic/tactical plans necessary to implement them
  • Creating new markets via pull-through demand by working with end users to specify our products and services
  • Pursuing international markets
  • Managing sales, marketing, businesses and the organizations which grow out of these efforts
  • Leading business transformations and associated change management for the people involved
Personal interests include:
  • Food and wine
  • Scuba diving
  • Bicycling
  • Squash, Racquetball, Tennis, Golf, and Skiing
  • Fishing
  • High-tech gadgets
  • Investing
  • Standard poodles

HOFF, Joel

Joel has over 12 years experience developing software in both commercial and research environments. Creating software solutions ranging from end-user tools to server applications to real-time embedded systems, he constantly strives for excellence in his work. Recent accomplishments include designing a broadcast control language for an interactive television content distribution platform and developing an instrument server for LAN-based control of an integrated PC-oscilloscope product. Both a supreme pragmatist and a champion of superior solutions, Joel passionately works to make any software endeavor he is part of a complete success.

INGRAM, Jonathan

Jonathan is an Oracle Certified Professional with 10 years of experience in database application development, deployment, and administration. Jonathan's experiences range from business analysis and application development to scalable and multi-platform deployments. With his level of experience in the database arena, he is able to tackle any of the wide variety of issues surrounding databases and large-scale deployments. In addition, he's been recently working on extending his experiences into more general software development in order to round out the expertise he can offer. Jonathan is our group's expert representing the world of databases.


Amar is one of a few Axian employees who wears many caps within the company. Primarily a technical instructor, Amar also serves as a consultant and engineer for a wide variety of projects, as well as having the duties of corporate webmaster and system administrator. Amar has been with Axian since 1996, teaching classes and consulting in the public, private, and corporate sectors with various flavors of Microsoft Windows, SQL Server, Web-Database and Active Server Pages development, Visual Basic, and a host of other Windows-based technologies. Having certifications along the MCSE track, Amar has also been a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) for a number of years. Amar is equally fluent in Linux and Unix based systems as well. As one of the first Red Hat Certified Engineers (within months of the RHCE program in 1999), Amar also is one of a few officially recognized Red Hat Certified Examiners (RHCX) in the world, who have the knowledge, certification, and expertise to deliver, train, and proctor the sanctioned Red Hat Linux curriculum and the RHCE exam itself. He also consults and serves on projects where Linux/Unix web-database technologies are often used, such as Apache Web Server, MySQL database, and PHP development. He has also been involved on projects using SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris and SunOS, HP HP-UX, BSD, and FreeBSD. While Amar knows, teaches, and is fluent in the spectrum from Windows to Linux to Unix, he won't favor one over another for a client or student, until the needs, environment, and requirements are first determined and established.

KERR, William

Bill has over twenty years experience as a principal engineer, project manager and system architect in Unix/Linux based development of embedded products. His successful projects include designing and leading development of an I/O processor for Unix workstations, real-time control of a test and measurement instrument for television signals, porting the Mach operating system to an SMP system using M88K processors. Bill's depth of experience with respect to marketing and long-range planning has proven valuable to clients working to migrate legacy products to the emerging realities of IP-based communications. Bill has successfully assisted the design of system architectures that economically provide legacy features while cleanly implementing modern methods. Bill is very familiar with the internals of the Linux kernel, having successfully taught several sessions of developer-level courses in the kernel and construction of device drivers. Bill specializes in assisting companies with legacy obligations design new products based on Linux.


"Brent has been a software consultant since 1984. In 1991, Brent helped start what is now Axian, Inc. in the basement of one of the other founders', and helped build it into what it is today. Brent's technical strengths are migrating and tuning software applications. He has a solid understanding of computer architecture and hardware design, compilers and assembly language, and the techniques needed to squeeze performance out of the tools and hardware at hand. Recently, Brent has worked on numerous projects in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, developing image processing applications for the inspection of photomasks and detection and sizing of defects. He has used and administered UNIX and Linux systems for over fifteen years, from desktops and workstations to supercomputers."


Pete is a 40-year veteran of the software and electronics industry, with a broad range of technical development, operations, finance and management experience, in organizations ranging from start-ups to divisions of Tektronix Corporation. A key player in the formation of the software industry in Oregon, Pete founded and served as past President of the Software Association of Oregon, and is recognized locally as an authority on Internet technologies and electronic publishing, among numerous other software arenas.


Ryan migrated to software development 11 years ago after spending his early career working for the US government in a variety of foreign policy and intelligence positions, including stints in the US Senate, State Department and White House. That early experience engendered an abiding interest in information systems, especially how IT systems work within and for an organization. Ryan possesses a rare combination of knowing the technical details without ever losing sight of IT business purposes. His academic accomplishments include co-authoring four books on programming languages and delivering programming language training to professional developers. His real-world accomplishments include being the Director of Development for a successful web-based software start-up (LegalAnywhere) and delivering new applications on new technology on time. Ryan's current emphasis is on Microsoft .NET technologies, but his three children, bicycling, and Masters Swimming compete vigorously for his attention.


Val is a technical writer, illustrator, and quality assurance wizard. She has worked for various companies including Clear Spring Book Co., Etec Systems, Audodesk, Inc. and MacWizard. She joined Axian in the Spring of 2002.


Ritu has been building business applications leveraging web technologies for over 4 years. She understands the complete software lifecycle, with experiences ranging from effective analysis of business processes and workflow through completion and deployment of numerous data driven e-commerce ASP websites. She has been responsible for production websites, and understands how to manage the evolution of interactive web destinations. In addition, Ritu is also familiar with multi-tier client/server architectures and has a strong sense for quality user interface designs.


Chris has been professionally designing and developing a wide variety of software over the past 10 years. He has proven experience in employing a variety of object-oriented and component-centric design approaches in the cost effective and timely development of maintainable, extensible and scalable software systems. He tries to continuously broaden his arsenal of familiar technologies and development techniques so as to be able to apply the best ones to the architectural problem at hand. Chris brings a dose of common sense to any software development endeavor, has a strong dislike for "reinventing the wheel," and has the ability to just make it happen for his customers.

MORLEY, Russell

Russell has been developing software for the last 11 years and has more recently been focusing on developing scalable, multi-tier applications and providing executive technology consulting services for his customers. Russell was recently the chief architect, designer, and led successful implementation efforts for both a multi-channel enhanced TV content distribution platform as well as the entire ASP infrastructure surrounding a new web technology product. Russell has developed object-oriented frameworks that resulted in improved productivity of his development teams and consistently demonstrates that a quality design results in a product that is flexible to changing requirements, maintainable, and can be completed under budget and on time. He is experienced in a wide variety of web, middleware, and component technologies, and has a passion for meeting customer objectives with real, tangible results.


Kay Norin has an educational background. She's worked with Axian for 7 years and during that time she has coordinated the training activities which includes scheduling training classes, interfacing with the instructors and coordinating with customers regarding courses.

She has also provides support in the office environment with facilities and system administration.


Dave joined Axian in the summer of 2001 as VP Sales . His previous years at BBox, Step Technology, Apple Computer, and Xerox bring an excellent reputation and a wealth of experience and high-tech knowledge of our industry.


John Opalko wrote his very first program (in FORTRAN IV) in 1971 while he was still in high school. Since then he has performed programming, operational, and administrative duties on everything from micros to mainframes. He discovered Unix in 1980 and that has been his operating system of choice ever since.

John has spent the last two decades developing software and keeping complex networks and systems running smoothly. He is particularly adept at untangling old, undocumented code to figure out what it does and how it does it, and then adding features without breaking functionality. His network and system administration skills mean that systems are always up and running smoothly because he deals with problems before they happen.

John is very knowledgeable about the Solaris and Linux operating systems and knows networking inside and out. His particular interest is in system security issues, system configuration for security and security tools and techniques.

OSLON, Steve

Steve's academic Background is a MA, PhD Mathematics, UC Berkeley with areas of interest in Mathematical Logic, Nonstandard Analysis, Algebra - Rings and Fields, Applied Math and Numerical Analysis. His professional experience encompasses over two decades of experience in high performance scientific computing with expertise in: Numerical Linear Algebra, Vector and Parallel Computing, Math Libraries, Computer Arithmetic, Benchmarking, Performance Analysis, Application Software Testing, Fortran, C, C++, Unix/Linux, and some Windows (usually under protest).

He has been employed by major companies such as: FPS, Cray, SSI, Intel and joined Axian four years ago. The past few years, he's had opportunities to work for SUN and Intel (current). Steve's recreational Interests are in Nordic Skiing (racing) and Road Biking.

SANTINI, Corinne

Corinne is the Office and Human Resources (HR) manager. She joined Axian six years ago to build the HR Department from the ground up, wearing mutliple hats. She designs, plans, and implements human resources programs, policies, and procedures, makes recommendations to management. She is in charge of employee relations, benefits and the overall flow of communications within Axian. A HR Generalist who lived in various countries, she has a background in Public Relations and Education, with a MA in Organizational Communications and the first year of a PhD program in Human Resources. In her leisure time, Corinne runs a French speaking group in town, enjoys organizing multicultural events, travelling, participating in culinary adventures, photo-amateur outtings, as well as the bi-cultural and bilingual upbringing of her toddler -among other things.


Laura has been a system administrator for the last 10 years, is a Sun Certified system administrator and Sun Certified instructor. Laura also teaches online Classes at Portland Community College, and is working towards a Ph.D in Information Systems. She is experienced as an administrator on several platforms, and has worked with several programming languages including RPG, COBOL, and Java. Laura also, when class schedules permit, works on the Axian Legal team as a consultant.

SOLOMON, Cynthia

Cynthia has expertise in Graphical User Interface (GUI) design; C, C++, and object oriented programming. She has experience with UNIX ans MS Windows environments. She is a Linux User and Deverloper, with extensive experience with X-Windows, Sockets, Tcl/TK and MFC. Cynthia developed X/Motif production code to control an autoloader robot that loaded and unloaded boards to and from a laser drill. A GUI basesd programming environment was completed for a small, fast bytecode sisal compiler and interpreter for Unix and MS Windows. This well-received programming enfironment provides editing, compilation, file management, program execution etc... She has used sockets on an anlysis tool project to allow porting to many Unix platforms including SUN, SGI, CRAY, POWER4, HP.

WONG, Rosalina

Rosalina is a seasoned developer and a CPA, with over 9 years experience. Always looking to make computing technology serve businesses and business objectives, she has worked extensively on both sides of the fence, helping to bridge the gap between those who develop and those who use computer information systems. Her passion is in helping companies improve efficiency and reduce costs by improving the processing of their financial and operational data as well as by automating and streamlining workflow processes between departments, partners, and organizations. Her goal is to help companies use computing technology to serve their business and its bottom line. Her experience includes building applications ranging from those that automate manual re-entry and comparison between various programs to those that eliminate redundant data storage. She has built database-driven web applications, integrated disparate systems, built custom interfacing components between accounting packages, and performed data modeling and design in complex environments. Her ability to understand both the business as well as technological perspective makes her a rare and uniquely valuable resource in developing effective MIS solutions that impact the bottom line.

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