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Over the last 15 years we have developed what we call the Axian View and the Axian Way.

The Axian View is our way of looking at the dynamic world of technology and assessing how it’s shaping the world. We have a broad range of expertise in computing technologies, mulit-media, and training that is related to software product development, information systems, vendor platforms, operating systems, multi-media user experiences, and languages. What makes us different is that we can look at your project from the 30,000-foot view of senior management as well as the from the hands-on, technical view of the developer. This unique perspective gives you an understanding of critical technology issues that is both deep and wide—so you can make the right strategic and tactical decisions for your organization.

The Axian Way is our way of doing business. That means our software engineering, information systems, rich media, and training professionals are free to do it right in whatever way works best for you. Our staff can do a turnkey project for you; we can do a collaborative project with your staff; or we can provide your staff with the training and mentoring they need to do it themselves. Nowhere else in the Northwest can you get the complete range of services delivered the Axian Way.