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Failed IT Projects: Dealing with Technology When Estimating Economic Damages by Stephen R. Bissell and Karen J. Damiano is featured in the latest edition of The Axian View.


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The publications available here can help you increase your technical knowledge, and they provide examples of the level of expertise Axian provides its clients.

These articles written by Axian employees explore current technological developments or issues. Click on any title to download a PDF of that article. (Web site articles open in a new browser window.)


Linux Kernel 2.6: New Features (1.5 MB PDF)
By Dr. Jerry Cooperstein

A summary of Jerry Cooperstein's presentation to the Mid-Willamette Valley Linux User Group (MWVLUG) on Feb. 4, 2003, discussing the new features of the Linux 2.6 kernel.

Linux Kernel 2.6/3.0: New Features - I (640 KB PDF)
Linux Kernel 2.6/3.0: New Features - II (490 KB PDF)
Linux Kernel 2.6: New Features - III (922 KB PDF)

Summaries of Dr. Jerry Cooperstein's seminars at the Oregon Graduate Institute on October 1 and 15, 2002, and January 7, 2003, discussing the new features of the Linux 2.6/3.0 kernel.

User Mode Linux and Testing SMP Kernel Modules
(Web site)
By Dr. Jerry Cooperstein, Axian, Inc.

"... there is now a method of simulating a SMP system with a single CPU Linux system. Fantastically, it requires no financial investment. The tool is Jeff Dike's User Mode Linux (UML). UML was developed as a new Linux architecture, although it doesn't have any associated hardware. It will eventually run on any physical platform. An instance of Linux—a full Linux kernel running with its own complete directory tree, device nodes, file systems, etc. as needed—runs in non-privileged user mode as an application ... "

Vanishing Features of the 2.6 Kernel (Web site)
By Dr. Jerry Cooperstein

“Many developers are eagerly awaiting the 2.6 Linux kernel. The feature freeze has passed, with a code freeze planned for January and final release slated for the second quarter of 2003. There is considerable excitement about anticipated enhancements, especially regarding scalability and performance. However, some developers may first notice what doesn't work anymore...”

Linux Multi-threading Advances (Web site)
By Dr. Jerry Cooperstein

“Recent advances in Linux's threading implementation are expected to continue to ease migration from other UNIX-like operating systems. These advancements have arrived with intense activity on two fronts. First, thread-handling improvements have greatly enhanced the kernel's scalability, even to thousands of threads. Second, there are now two fresh, competing implementations of the POSIX pthreads standard (NGPT and NPTL) set to replace the aging LinuxThreads library ...”

Business Intelligence & Data Analysis with OLAP (PDF)
Greg Cermak, MCT & MCSD

View this presentation on how to aggregate and organize business information into a readily accessible, easy to use multidimensional structure through online analytical processing (OLAP). Greg Cermak, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Solution Developer, details how you can get more business intelligence out of your data.

Failed IT Projects: Dealing with Technology When Estimating Economic Damages (PDF)
Stephen R. Bissell and Karen J. Damiano
Reprinted with permission from Insights magazine.

This article co-authored by Axian’s President, Steve Bissell addresses the issue of the frequent failure of IT projects, the possible considerations behind the high failure rate, and provides insight and tools to attorneys and to expert witnesses testifying on the issues associated with the value of highly technical IT projects. This article also addresses the methodology of quantifying economic damages associated with the failure of an IT project and emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the technology consultant and the damages expert when estimating the economic loss.

Look before you Linux (PowerPoint)
Powerpoint for the lecture to learn if Linux should be seriously investigated for your application.

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