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Frank Helle, Axian

Welcome to "The Axian View," our new e-newsletter. This is our periodic opportunity to share with you some of the business management, technical know-how and experience we've accumulated in the dynamic world of technology. Our goal is to provide information and perspective so you can make better decisions about your computer systems and software options. And because Axian is "free to do it right," you can count on balanced, objective insights. "The Axian View" is also your primary source for Axian news and events.

We hope you find value in every issue of "The Axian View." Please tell me how we can make it more interesting and useful to you.

Frank Helle


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Planar continues to grow by creating small internal teams of entrepreneurs who bring innovative solutions to market quickly. In an interview, Roy Siegel explains one of Planar's Quantum Programs.

New Axian seminars
Upcoming Axian seminars are designed to help you sort out the technical confusion and options available in software and computing systems. "Look before you Linux" will give you a balanced perspective on using Linux at the enterprise level. "Business Intelligence & Data Analysis" will show you how to make more effective use of your BI and databases.

Should you consider Linux for you application or enterprise? Ryan Malarkey, a highly regarded interpreter of technology, lecturer and author, will help you sort through all the hype and hoopla surrounding Linux so you can make an informed decision.

See how you can aggregate and organize business information into a readily accessible, easy to use multidimensional structure through online analytical processing (OLAP). Greg Cermak, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Solution Developer, will explain how to you can get more business intelligence out of your data.

Take an intricate and fascinating look at the dark side of IT projects gone bad. Axian president Steve Bissell, along with Karen J. Damiano, address the issues that most often cause IT projects to fail. You'll also learn about legal insights and methods to quantify the economic damages of a failed project

New projects
Business is good and growing. See what the pros at Axian have been up to with our recent projects.

Beyond Axian's traditional software product engineering for business application, we've also started working on multimedia development for kids' games and toys. Find out more about this fun and challenging extension of our software development capabilities,

Axian has also been doing more security-related work. We can’t be too specific on the details—these are security projects, you know—but we can tell you a little bit about a trade secrets project as well as one for a state agency regarding an assessment of its HIPAA compliance.