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Perhaps Axian's greatest achievement in our migration from Windows to Linux servers is that hundreds of RE/MAX realtors don't notice any changes—or if they do, it's that the network servers are more reliable and efficient.



Ben Dalbey
IT Manager
RE/MAX Equity Group
Companies making the IT investment in transforming technologies are performing 68% better than their competitors…
Innovative IT investments of today should be looking to the supply chain operations side and product lifecycle management.



Omar Hijazi, Principal
AT Kearney
March 16th, 2004
SAO CIO/IT Manager Forum

Product Lifecycle Management is a set of processes and tools for information change management not just for engineering change orders and is a growing issue for companies seeking to have a competitive advantage with faster times to market.

Product development now requires management systems that minimize the risks of change while maximizing product profitability. For example:

  • Can the supplier produce the correct versions of your products?
  • Do the customer manuals have accurate images and instructions?
  • Can your service department identify the correct replacement components?

There are a few of the questions that are difficult to address within your corporate system.

  • How do you protect your core competency and your intellectual assets when so much information has to be shared outside your business?
  • How do you minimize the product change risks and accelerate time to market?

Axian will assist you by providing services to help you develop the:

  • Executive and management PLM education
  • Business case for PLM
  • Requirements analysis and RFP
  • System selection and vendor agreements
  • Project management and user training

Contact us for more information about Axian's PLM services.

We provide vendor neutral Executive education about PLM –

Axian offers ½ day executive seminars or full day management team seminars on the fundamentals of PLM.

Executive Seminar: Understanding the PLM business case

  • Overview of Product Lifecycle Management
  • PLM Core Functional Benefits
  • PLM Project Stages

Management seminar includes the above along with the following: Selling and Implementing PLM within the business

  • PLM Project Best Practices
  • Detailed PLM features
  • PLM Technology “primer”

For details contact Axian Training.