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If you want to know more about what's going on within your computer network, or if you're involved in any type of computer-related litigation, Axian offers the level of forensic expertise you need. Our security officer has been providing proactive and reactive security services to businesses for their computer networks for more than a dozen years. His experience will bring you the information you need.
Here is an outline of the forensic services Axian offers:

Types of investigations

  • Initial fact-finding
  • Employee abuse of privileges
  • Criminal
  • Clandestine
  • Court-ordered

Levels of inquiry

  • Normal system monitoring
  • Nonparticipant investigation
  • Participant investigation
  • Job action
  • Civil action
  • Criminal action

Topics of expertise

  • Legal considerations and issues
  • Privacy rights
  • Court orders
  • Chain of evidence
  • Compromised servers
  • Network traffic
  • Creating and documenting security policies
  • Physical and remote data gathering
  • Physical data removal
  • Drive duplication
  • Network sniffers
  • UNIX and Windows tools