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The Axian View of security
Axian's Security Officer is an excellent security consultant and project manager. He has a well-defined process and a clear-cut plan. He is practical, responsive, prompt with client communication and available on short notice. He has great presentation skills. Though he can be very technical when necessary, he can also easily adapt to his audience's language.



Vandana Kumbla,
Project Manager

Security. Now there’s one topic that generates an enormous amount of noise and confusion. Every day CEOs and managers are inundated with the latest scare stories and government mandates involving HIPAA compliance, network security and privacy-related issues.

Some of the threats are real but some are imagined. So, how do you tell what’s important to the security of your business? Where do you get started? How do you keep from becoming a statistic - part of the $10-12.3 billion annually sacrificed to productivity and recovery costs?

For the past 15 years Axian has made sense of advanced technology for managers. Our software and security pros offer decades of hands-on experience designing and building high performance, secure programs and IT systems. We help you make sense of your security challenges and advance your systems to where they need to be.

You already have a security problem. You are probably losing money and/or intellectual property while you read this. You need to get serious about security today.

There is good news. Axian can create a plan that addresses your specific needs. To our way of thinking, HIPAA/security/privacy are like the Hydra of Greek mythology. Its multiple heads are attached to the same beast. We can implement a solution that tames the entire beast, not just one head.

Yes, you know Uncle Sam has his nose under the tent and is passing privacy laws that require compliance, now. You heard the scary stories about disgruntled employees and pimply-faced hackers wreaking havoc on large and small enterprises alike.

At Axian, we believe security makes good business sense, and that protective technologies pay for themselves in more robust, reliable systems with high uptimes and better productivity from your people. It only makes sense to thwart the bad guys and your competitors, and prevent them from stealing for thrashing important data in your system.

At Axian we are free to do it right. We work with all kinds of software, operating systems and hardware platforms. We ask that you take a moment to examine our Web site and learn about our expertise with all the major industry IT systems.
We are hands-on, experienced software developers and know that IT security begins at the code level, and ends with good policies and best practices carried out by conscientious people.

The Axian Way to improved security
At Axian we are free to do it right. We are external to your internal processes, and can implement an objective solutions-oriented strategy.

We’re not encumbered by legacy systems or procedures that have been "grandfathered" in over a period of time. Instead, we start with a fresh outlook and customize solutions that provide safety and security, eliminating downtime and slashing conversion costs.

We can handle the whole process for you, or can implement your security program in a two-phase process.

Phase I - Audit, Evaluate, Plan

We are experts at designing systems, as well as testing them. But, we won’t do both. If Axian designs the system then we won’t implement it, so we won't be subject to potential blind spots. To be an auditor we have to maintain our integrity and objectivity, so we have someone else test it. Independent testing builds credibility.

Phase II - Design, Implementation, Testing

Our first step is to evaluate the corporate entity – what kind of company are you? Are you a Mom and Pop shop or a conglomerate? In this first stage we establish boundaries and shapes, conduct risk evaluation, define relationships and identify transactions.

The second step is to determine if you have conducted a recent security audit. If not, we design one for you.

Thirdly, we identify policies and procedures while scoping the project until we identify the key security issues and fix them. We can even evaluate and design the physical aspects of the project, such as data entry points by phone calls and more.

And, because we sell services rather than products, we are more than happy to work with your favorite vendor.

What does the Axian Way mean to you? Our experts examine and solve your security issues. Each Axian security pro has a minimum of five years hands-on security experience. We work on all platforms across the enterprise. Axian’s engineers are free to do it the right way and for you that means piece of mind.

  • 45 professionals in computer technologies, multi-media, and training
  • Senior Security Consultants who teach, contract, and consult
  • SANS (Sys Admin, Audit, Network, Security) instructors
  • CISSP (Certified Information Systems Professionals)
  • GIAC (Global Information Assurance Certification)
  • GCIA (GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst)