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Achieve your IT goals the Axian Way

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What our clients say

“Companies making the IT investment in transforming technologies are performing 68% better than their competitors…
Innovative IT investments of today should be looking to the supply chain operations side and product lifecycle management”

--Omar Hijazi, Principal
AT Kearney
March 16th, 2004
SAO CIO/IT Manager Forum

"Defining value for IT"

Information Systems Services Overview

Most manufacturing and development companies in the Pacific Northwest recognize the need for Information Technology infrastructure investments for enterprise applications management, yet do not have the expertise or resources to delineate the business benefits for financial decision makers.

Axian will assist you by providing process studies, requirements analysis, system selection management, project management, and improvement services, all leveraging Axian's expertise in Information Systems and it's unique specialization in Product Lifecycle Management applications.

Providing Vendor Neutral Information System Services

Our range of services is focused upon bringing maximum value to your investment in your information systems infrastructure by aligning your investments with your corporate business strategy. We focus on integration of the enterprise by facilitating your business to leverage systems and tools for improved business performance rather allowing forced fit solutions to be implemented.

With our experienced staff, we help you leverage your enterprise applications by tying your core business systems together for maximum benefit, including your Product Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, and Supply Chain Management systems.

Is your business ready to deal with global information exchange?

Business Case Analysis for IS

Axian provides independent audit services to evaluate the opportunity to leverage IS without the sales pitch of the vendors. We will tie specific functionality to traditional ROI measures and to balanced score card measures and assist you in developing your project roadmap for implementing the most appropriate solutions for your business.

Information System Requirements Definition

Axian will map your critical business needs such as Change Management, Information Vaulting, Supply Chain Collaboration, and Requirements Management to Enterprise Application functionality and corresponding system requirements. We then prepare a comprehensive requirements definition document and a formal request for proposal package that can be presented to the vendors.

Enterprise Application System Selection

Axian can help you evaluate the most appropriate system for your business. As an independent services business, Axian is focused on your business needs and will serve as your advocate with the application vendors. Our familiarity with ERP, CRM and PLM vendors and their product capabilities allows us to focus on providing the best solutions for your needs.

System Implementation Project Management

Axian brings project management methodologies using best practices for applications implementations. We tie your business processes, systems implementation, user education, and systems integration into a cohesive project plan. We will help you implement and deploy your systems in a manageable execution timeline to obtain business benefits while minimizing disruption to your operations. We manage the implementation project for you, rather than letting the vendor manage you.

Continuous Improvement with Information Systems

Axian will provide process improvement audits, systems upgrades, user education, and market analysis services to assure that you continue to receive maximum benefit from your existing investments.

Helping IT serve internal departmental-level needs that often fall into the cracks

Axian can help you achieve your IT goals by providing professional information system services tailored to your needs and situation—not our limitations or preferences—including:

  • Consulting on technology direction and selecting development platforms
  • n-tier enterprise system architecture and design
  • Data-based web applications
  • Data-driven business solutions
  • Middleware development and integration
  • Computer & Information Systems and Network Security
  • Project management and business analysis
  • Mentoring and training
  • Technical Writing

Clients outsource their projects to us or use us to complement their resources. We're open-source experts and are well versed in .NET and Java Enterprise environments.

We provide cost-sensitive, experienced teams of expert developers, executive-level consultants and trainers to help you solve your business technology challenges. We use project-proven methodologies and the best technologies to adapt, customize or optimize your own technology. We help you reach new customers, interact efficiently with your trading partners, streamline back-office and front-office systems, and ensure your system security.

Call Axian today for specific answers to your information system needs. You'll achieve your IS/IT goals faster with less risk when you travel the Axian Way.