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Real HIPAA deadlines
Now that the final HIPAA security standards and compliance deadlines are in place, it's time for more than preparation—it's time for implementation. Axian offers a sensible approach to security and solution-specific consulting and training on a range of HIPAA issues.

Supercharged .NET training
Axian offers a series of five intense training courses for .NET essentials. Our modular training approach means your people can learn just as much as they need, with no waste of time or training budget.



Companies like yours are faced with a dizzying array of technologies, platforms, development languages—and vendor solutions—to choose from as you look to improve your business. And each promises to be the best and most cost-effective solution.

But many of the consultants and vendors have their own agenda—they want to push you to buy their vendor-partner's solution, or they have their own biases toward particular technologies.

But what's best for you? At Axian, our goal is that simple: We want you to be free to do it right. Your needs are unique, and you shouldn't have to fit your solution to a consultant's limitations or preferences. That's why we've compiled a team of experts from the widest possible range of technology—so we aren't limited in what we can recommend or help you with. We're not beholden to any one platform, or in love with just one programming language. We're ready to customize our services to your needs.

Here's a sample of what we can provide you in the form of project outsourcing, custom staffing, and/or training:

Selecting between technologies
We can help you choose the best operating system, applications and development environment for your needs, including helping with cross-platform migration. We have the staff experts and project experience to provide consulting, development and training for:

  • Microsoft software development technologies, including .NET, Web Services and all legacy Microsoft development technologies. Axian is a Microsoft Solution Provider.
  • Linux application development, kernel and device driver development and advanced system administration. Axian is a Red Hat Premier Alliance Partner.
  • Sun Microsystems advanced system development and administration for Solaris.
  • Java and Java Enterprise software development technologies.

Developing IS departmental & enterprise applications
Axian can help you develop data-driven business solutions, desktop & web-based applications, middleware, reusable business objects, Web services, databases, and large-scale networked systems products that integrate hardware and software.

Creating IS & Engineering architecture and design
We provide architecture and design that is flexible, maintainable, reusable and cost-effective while meeting your business objectives. We have extensive experience in UML, object-oriented design, applying design patterns and developing application frameworks.

Information Systems programming and administration
Axian provides programming and administration in a variety of operating system environments, as well as programming languages such as C/C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic and a variety of others. Axian also provides proactive and reactive computer & information systems and network security.

Software Engineering
Axian designs, develops and enhances software across a broad range of technologies. Staff engineers hold certifications for Linux, Sun, Microsoft, Apple, and others. Axian provides individual developers or employee teams to staff client projects, on site or from our offices. Applications include embedded software for hardware and systems products, SEMI, high performance computing, shrink-wrap and ASP software products, large-scale networked systems products that integrate hardware and software, and rich-media user experiences for bundled products, toys, and games.

Project methodology
Axian's software development and project management methodology is based on proven, industry-accepted best practices and processes. Using iterative development, we're able to reduce risks and deliver key functionality to users more quickly. We emphasize tackling risks and rooting out problems early in the project, when they're less expensive to fix. We recognize that your requirements are not fixed, but rather will be refined as the project evolves. Iterative development allows us to make tactical changes and support your changing needs. This methodology helps us achieve our goal of developing a quality product, on time and on budget, that meets the stakeholders' real needs.

Axian is committed to helping you solve your engineering and information system challenges in the way that's best for your situation. Call us today to see how we can help you achieve your goals.