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"Outsourcing made sense to us for a couple reasons. Axian helps us with software engineering, architecture, requirements, design, and Windows and embedded expertise. They provided us with very senior people so we were able to put together a really first-class team. Axian saves us from having to fully invest in fixed costs and manpower until we get past certain milestones. This gives us a much more graceful and pragmatic approach to gradually building our team."

--Roy Siegel, Dir Biz Dev, Planar




Many companies will tell you they have people with experience in Linux, Solaris, Mac, and UNIX systems. But when they show up to do the work, too often you discover that their experience is severely limited and that using them may put your project at risk.

Axian specializes in Linux, Mac, and Sun Solaris, offering consulting services, contract engineering, and the most advanced educational services available in the Portland area. At Axian, we not only have a staff of developers, administrators and instructors with truly extensive experience in all flavors of UNIX systems, we also have the certifications to back up our claims.

Axian is the “Premier Alliance Partner” of Red Hat Linux. We author and teach the Linux Developer Course series, and we teach and proctor the Red Hat Certified Engineer course and exam. Axian also teaches Sun Solaris system administration and Java technologies as well as the Sun developer courses.

Whether working with proprietary systems or in the open source community, Axian maintains a broad range of expertise, including:

  • Programming systems
  • Writing device drivers
  • Minimizing kernels for embedded applications
  • Developing applications
  • Porting code to/from Linux, Mac, and other UNIX systems
  • Creating Beowulf clusters
  • Creating bootable CDs for software distribution
  • Configurating and administering systems for Solaris and Linux
  • Porting and tuning codes to large parallel systems
  • Programming projects using Sun Java, C, C++, Perl, etc.
  • Developing Web and middleware with Sun's J2EE technologies
  • Assisting in building and deploying Linux-compatible software products