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What our clients say

"Outsourcing made sense to us for a couple reasons. Axian helps us with software engineering, architecture, requirements, design, and Windows and embedded expertise. They provided us with very senior people so we were able to put together a really first-class team. Axian saves us from having to fully invest in fixed costs and manpower until we get past certain milestones. This gives us a much more graceful and pragmatic approach to gradually building our team."

--Roy Siegel, Dir Biz Dev, Planar


Getting your product to market quickly and efficiently—and making sure it's done successfully—can be a daunting task. Especially if you're expected to get it done with limited resources in both budget and internal expertise.

Axian understands these challenges, and we can help you bring your product to market efficiently and with a higher probability of success. We provide computer and chip manufacturers with superior expertise in developing, porting and tuning applications and system software to new, cutting-edge architectures.

You might hire only one or a few of our engineers for your project, but you're really getting the benefit of the combined knowledge and experience of all 30 of our engineers. This helps ensure that you get the right solution for your project, and it greatly increases the probability of success.

Whether your project involves porting to a completely new instruction set, multi-threading and multi-processing, or restructuring data and control flow, we know from experience how to find the best possible performance. We also teach performance tuning methodology, targeted to specific OS and hardware platforms, to ensure your internal team can take advantage of future platform improvements.

We excel in the following platforms and architectures:

  • Linux and Windows on Intel IA-32 and IA-64 processor families
  • Solaris on Sun Sparc and UltraSparc
  • Other UNIX systems, including HP-UX and IRIX
  • Assembly and microcode for custom signal and image processors and microcontrollers

And we have extensive experience in the following:

  • Code porting, optimization and benchmarking
  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), multimedia and drivers
  • Database development and tuning
  • Networks and low-level communications
  • VxWorks and Real-Time Operating Systems
  • Programming: C, C++, Visual Basic, Fortran, Java, Windows API, MFC, ActiveX, UNIX scripting languages
  • High-performance computing, SMP systems, OpenMP, clusters, MPI, problem decomposition and parallel application design
  • Custom math libraries, linear algebra and FFTs
  • High-performance Fortran seismic processing, weather models and image processing