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A team of experts fills the gaps
what our clients say

"Outsourcing made sense to us for a couple reasons. Axian helps us with software engineering, architecture, requirements, design, and Windows and embedded expertise. They provided us with very senior people so we were able to put together a really first-class team. Axian saves us from having to fully invest in fixed costs and manpower until we get past certain milestones. This gives us a much more graceful and pragmatic approach to gradually building our team."

--Roy Siegel, Dir Biz Dev, Planar


Today's market moves so fast that it's imperative you develop your product quickly to be successful. Combine the need to work fast with the fact that you have to integrate other technologies into your product, and you might find yourself in a situation where you need help from someone with real-world experience to fill in your internal gaps in work force or knowledge.

Your software development engineering team will complete its project faster and gain a higher probability of project success by accessing Axian's engineering “brain trust” to fill their gaps in software skills or experience.

Our 30 staff engineers hold degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics and other related disciplines. All have true real-world experience developing software for a variety of platforms and languages. And we've been together for more than 12 years. So with Axian you're not hiring a single engineer, but a collective of knowledge and expertise to ensure you get a solid design the first time.

What sets us apart?

  • We provide your software product managers with a leading-edge technology team at their disposal to help bring your product to market.
  • We work with a variety of platforms and operating systems, including Microsoft, Linux, Sun Solaris and Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS), using a broad range of development technologies and tools.
  • We perform architecture, design, development, porting and tuning and system administration—and we can map into any phase in the software engineering cycle, so we can step in at any stage of your project and accelerate completion and success in the market.

Approximately 40 percent of Axian's business has been contract engineering projects for SEMI member companies, concentrating on software development for:

  • Embedded control and multi-tasking subsystems
  • Image processing and numerically intensive applications
  • Code porting and performance tuning
  • Device drivers and systems programming for Microsoft Windows, UNIX/Linux, VxWorks, Sun Solaris and other operating systems
  • Graphical User Interfaces
  • Integration of loaders, stages and other electromechanical subsystems to SEMI standards