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The Axian approach

There are plenty of companies out there claiming to have real-world experience across a broad range of technology. We don't think just claiming it is enough, so we prove it.



Our comprehensive list of projects and testimonials illustrates our breadth and depth of real experience. It's this experience that makes us the right choice to help you with your project.

"Outsourcing made sense to us for a couple reasons. Axian helps us with software engineering, architecture, requirements, design, and Windows and embedded expertise. They provided us with very senior people so we were able to put together a really first-class team. Axian saves us from having to fully invest in fixed costs and manpower until we get past certain milestones. This gives us a much more graceful and pragmatic approach to gradually building our team."

--Roy Siegel, Dir Biz Dev, Planar

“Over the past five years, Axian has partnered with Tektronix to provide highly skilled, senior-level software engineers to assist with critical projects. Axian's engineering services permit us to deliver sophisticated interfaces for our programmable oscilloscopes by supplementing our internal engineering resources. This access to Axian's software engineering resources has been an important resource in order for us to meet our overall commitment to quality with a results-oriented outcome. Axian has been an instrumental partner in developing solutions for our Open Windows oscilloscopes.”
--William Leinweber
Tektronix IBU

“Axian provides us with qualified resources the moment we need them. Such fast response enables us to react quickly to market pressures.”
--Peter Hildebrandt, Director of Product Management
PolyVision Corporation, a Steelcase Company

“When Xyron first brought in Axian, their engineer was able to get up to speed and start doing useful work very quickly. Our full-time engineers were already overburdened, and work that should have been done was getting dropped. Axian's engineer was able to pick up the slack and take on those jobs, helping our company move ahead with the project. The Axian engineer also put together something called a “toolchain” that allowed our engineers to go directly from source code to memory images that they could upload to the systems. This has made all the other workers at Xyron more productive.”
--Jag Jagernauth, VP Engineering
Xyron Semiconductor

Interview with former Intel manager Jean-Marie Lyon:

On Axian's effectiveness working with her team and providing leadership:
The team from Axian was invaluable in their role. Russell and Chris Morley came in as the experts in object-oriented design. This subject area had only recently been studied by the engineers on Intel's team. The Morleys came in and presented topics, reviewed design and led the efforts. Although not officially the team leads, by their example, leadership and repeated demonstration of teamwork, effort and abilities they became integral leaders of the team.

On Axian's conscientiousness and teamwork emphasis:
The Axian consultants helped our team grow both in terms of engineering development and as individuals. Their level-headedness in times of heated discussions with the architect was an example for all. They put extra effort into the project, worked “off line” to further their skills and tackled re-architecting entire programs where necessary. They were available for after-hours discussions and coding work, and willingly put in the extra effort on weekends.

On Axian's effectiveness keeping the project on track and on schedule:
When it was obvious that rework was necessary, the Axian consultants put in their own time to ensure the schedule was met. They were honest in their estimates and in their efforts, and helped others with their schedule commitments as well.

On Axian's skill level in the software life cycle:
Again, the Axian consultants demonstrated the critical nature of gathering and documenting requirements, and they worked with human factors to get the definitions needed. They welcomed code and design reviews, and were thorough in their testing and documentation... all the important steps of the life cycle.

On Axian's leadership for larger design teams:
The HPG team was short on requirements definition, with no clear end user—certainly not one we could talk to—and on a tight schedule to get a product to market. The team was large, and grew rapidly. Russell and Chris Morley were invaluable in evaluating the skills of potential hires. For earlier hires who needed skills, they provided leadership and suggestions for training.

On Axian being unique among consultants:
The very fact that we never felt they were just consultants, but rather part of the team, was unique. Axian developed friendships with our team, put in extra effort as needed, led by example and stayed above the politics!

On Axian's training capabilities and delivery:
As usual, we wanted to drop everything and turn in a new direction, and deliver a product requiring new skills and on an even shorter schedule. I was concerned that during a two-month down time we would begin to lose key personnel. We needed a way to develop Linux skills so the entire team would be in a position to contribute to the new efforts. Axian quickly rose to the challenge of preparing a new class, in a new arena—Linux—and educated the entire team in a hands-on, thorough overview of Linux. Although the managers' overview did not meet our needs, the engineer course did. Several of the team went on to be very successful in the Linux arena.

On the overall experience of working with Axian:
On the overall experience of working with Axian:
I found the entire management team at Axian willing to turn quickly on our needs, put together a quality class at their site for a large number of engineers, and deliver it within the time and cost restraints we were operating under. The project team, as well as Intel as a whole, benefited from this effort! If only Intel could develop skills to be that responsive and to define clear goals and requirements, then they too could be responsive to the changing market!

It was a pleasure to work with everyone on the Axian team. I recommended the company to others as well.

Project experience
Intel Web delivery server
Axian provided architecture, design and project leadership for a group at Intel that was responsible for developing a highly scalable web-content delivery server for interactive TV. We developed product requirements with their marketing personnel, designed and implemented an object-oriented framework and led a 12-member implementation team. Axian used a diverse set of development technologies, including Java, Microsoft/C++, CORBA, JNI, and XML, through successful product delivery.

We designed a supporting content delivery control script language based on XML, and implemented parsing, interpreting and editing tools. We designed and helped develop a supporting multichannel client/server scheduling user interface and designed an administration/configuration tool. In addition, we helped specify and design a delivery preview user interface tool, and we fully documented the product in UML and standard software product lifecycle documents.

A sampling of project results:

  • The object-oriented framework helped manage a diverse team and maintain consistency throughout the product.
  • Axian's product design resulted in high scalability, flexibility and extensibility, allowing it to be quickly adapted to ongoing changes in an evolving market.
  • The product successfully met industry standard protocols and integrated with receiving platform technologies.
  • The project successfully contained development costs, significantly reduced defect costs and met all schedule milestones through quality design and creative choice of development technologies.