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"Outsourcing made sense to us for a couple reasons. Axian helps us with software engineering, architecture, requirements, design, and Windows and embedded expertise. They provided us with very senior people so we were able to put together a really first-class team. Axian saves us from having to fully invest in fixed costs and manpower until we get past certain milestones. This gives us a much more graceful and pragmatic approach to gradually building our team."

--Roy Siegel, Dir Biz Dev, Planar




New Microsoft technologies and tools are developed so rapidly that it's difficult to know which one would be best for your company. Plus, your staff may not have the technical background to implement these new tools. You need a resource you can count on to be completely up to date on any new Microsoft technology you're using or considering.

Axian has extensive experience in software development and training for the major Microsoft development and platform technologies, including Windows desktop, distributed applications, reusable software components and enterprise solutions. We also have a growing body of expertise in the new .NET platform as it releases.

In fact, Axian developers and instructors work to keep abreast of new Microsoft tools, platform technologies and products as they emerge. Our expertise means we can help you select and successfully apply the best Microsoft technologies for your unique business requirements. Combined with our skills in a variety of other competing technologies, we offer you a unique and powerful perspective within the Microsoft technology landscape.

Axian is a Microsoft Solution Provider company, with easy access to up-to-date technical information and on-line support directly from Microsoft. We have the latest development tools and libraries, along with beta versions of the most recent software, to ensure our methods are current and our developers are anticipating upcoming releases from Microsoft.

Axian is now offering a Microsoft .NET course and .NET short courses to help new and learning developers move or migrate into the vast array of Microsoft .NET technologies. We offer personal or group instructor-led classes to fit your training needs, as well as mentoring to accompany or follow up your training, on the following topics and more:

  • VB .NET
  • ADO .NET
  • ASP .NET
  • C# .NET
  • XML Web services
  • SQL Server integration
  • Internet information services
  • SOAP
  • BizTalk

Contact the Axian training department for details.